Pet Shop Pet Shop???

Pet Shop??? - pet shop

I want to open a pet shop, how can I get one?


Law L said...

They need land, money, providers of products and licensing of animals for breeding animals, personnel, furniture and shelves of boxes.

Then save only the purchase of land for commercial or prefabricated.

Then you need to buy all items and accessories.

Then you have to find suppliers.

Then you need a license and basic care of animals.


I work in a pet shop as a salesman and I have to give examinations and to know how to manage themselves in order to take all the animals, without, let alone buy it, etc.

Allie said...

I do not know where it goes, but we must ensure that they really want to do.
The pet stores are bad news because they are too demanding, where she worked with cattle or comes and goes and the profits from the sale of things that are harmful to animals, pine chips for small animals, for example. Most shops also sell cages for animals not suitable for animals to their reccomed.
There were two small pet shops in my town, and both were closed last year, they now have a wider variety of cages and accessories for the cost of buying the best line to draw people to the increasingly growing stores.

sillyme said...

Not you!

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