Canon Powershot A95 Hack Linux (debian) Canon PowerShot A95?

Linux (debian) Canon PowerShot A95? - canon powershot a95 hack

I am a Canon PowerShot A95 on my laptop, I) to Linux (Debian I need help downloading my pictures on my camera when I plug in my laptop and turn on the camera I get a pop up that says ~ ~ house has been detected and gives me the opportunity to inport pictures. I urge inport and nothing happens please help


fhotoace said...

Unless Canon offers Linux drivers, ran out of luck if you have an open-source driver for it can find.

While Unix is used by some of the most powerful computers of the Sun and Silicon Graphics for movie special effects, animation and CAD, have not found photos of post-production assistants who use this OS ... Most of the windows and the rest of Apple.

Amanda said...

Digikam and the need to install software packages libgphoto2
Digikam start, connect the device via USB cable, turn on the camera and select Digikam camera menu
then select the camera from the list, and now you should to download photos from a camera

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