Arthritis Cure Forum Castor Oil Is Chicken Feet A Source Of Cartilage To Cure Arthritis?

Is Chicken Feet a source of cartilage to cure arthritis? - arthritis cure forum castor oil

I ate in the Asian cuisine and one of the joys is to eat cooked chicken legs in soy sauce and herbs. I eat about 2 kg of chicken feet per week. My friends say that Asia is a positive source of cartilage, prevent arthritis as they age. I drink and soup comes from the feet. If you keep in the refrigerator, it cures the soup base into a thick jelly like rubber. Is the consumption of chicken feet bad for cholesterol? Feet is certainly too long if I continue to eat food?


OL PHART (spelled with a little ... said...

They are great for arthritis, but only when injected into the cartilage proper

jim m said...

Never heard of him, but I hope that helps

merrybod... said...

It can not hurt really, but I do not know if it helps. I would like chicken feet, if I add soup - until thickened. But I think you should not add the cartilage and by internal consumption.

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