Inside Of My Nose Bleeding And Scabs What Causes Constant Nose Bleeds?

What causes constant nose bleeds? - inside of my nose bleeding and scabs

In the past week and a half or so that I was still bleeding from the nose, and only my left nostril, where the blood leaks. This usually occurs 30 minutes after waking or late at night when Im sleeping. Please can someone tell me what could be causing this? Should I see a doctor? I feel like a wound in the nose, because when I clean after I have the nose bleeds black crust, so I do not know what it is.


JR said...

Causes of nosebleeds:
# 1 - broken blood vessel
# 2 - Hypertension (high blood pressure)
# 3 - exposure to inhaled irritants in the nasal cavity

Once you have broken a blood vessel, you can easily record blood vessel itself, because the crust is very thin nose and a hard place! They sniff, can face Espression probably going to break.

If your bleeding high blood pressure, it should immediately to the emergency room than the next, because they can have what she called a "cerebral vascular accident (stroke) call.

When you clean your oven window, bleeding smoke aerosols, ammonia or other substances that can be found in the air, and a man get rid of irritating!

I hope this helped.

CharJ, said...

It seems as if the air in the room is too dry. You can try to see through a humidifier at night and see if it helps. If the damage is going to break his nose, it's like a scratching scab and bleed.
If you are interested, of course, see a doctor.

bundy217... said...

Place a cold face washer on the back of the neck to cool never turns his head as blood flows through the throat, blood pressure or overheating can consult a doctor and your problem might provide a fan in her room freshness in your room

Chloe said...

What is your usual Coca-Cola? Just kidding. I'm not normally a ***. Tonight, I'm smart. Yes, you should consult a doctor (in my opinion).

Terry G said...

You may have blood pressure problems ... Have you checked that? If they persist, he would go to the doctor if I were you. Good luck!

marrisme... said...

You should have a doctor, the blood pressure of HIV / AIDS can move to consult because things manyy constant nosebleeds see doc immediately UR.

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