Japanese Sharking Shirt Japanese Sharking? If They Did That In The US?

Japanese Sharking? If they did that in the US? - japanese sharking shirt

In Japan, there are upside down, the lifts and pauses sometimes skirts of women at random on the street during the filming of Buddie and displays it on the Internet. They wonder what they were doing when here in the U.S. and has been under this type of punishment they receive.


Yo it's Me said...

List of sex offenders for the rest of the life of evil.

I just saw a clip, I suspect that the sentence would be 5 to 8 years. If I have seen what happens on the street, I saw the way to do and see if someone applies the camera as proof. It seems Assualt and victims do not seem very happy.

Leslie S said...

Criminal sexual assault in my state. Touching buttocks for sexual gratification is specific. And then there's the battery with an improved way to a crime.

Wounded Duck said...

Assault with an increase in sexual crimes! 10 years or less.

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