Spenco Can A Foot Pillow (e.g. Spenco Foot Pillow) Help Swollen Feet And Ankles In Pregnancy?

Can a foot pillow (e.g. Spenco foot pillow) help swollen feet and ankles in pregnancy? - spenco

I'm at the end of my fifth month and have the swollen feet and ankles. A foot pads (e.. Spenco foot pillows G) help? If not, you have other suggestions?


PRGfUSMC said...

I do not know myself with pillows standing up, but you put your feet while sitting try to keep it directly over his heart. In the pile of pillows on the bed before the others and try to sleep with them too high, and use a pillow for his head.

haleybir... said...

YES! is that even walk 2 feet in some places through your relaxation

Allannis w said...

Yes, it will help to keep your feet above your heart UR UR. Sitting in a deck chair and prop your feet UR

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