Asthma Navy Exceptions Does Anyone Know If You Can Join The Royal Navy Or Marines With Asthma?

Does anyone know if you can join the Royal Navy or Marines with Asthma? - asthma navy exceptions

Royal Navy?
Asthma? Ideas?


Supermar... said...

To join either the Marines or Navy are of asthma attacks, symptoms or medication for at least 4 years.

Also joining the RM must be male.

Sorry for the potentially bad news, but all personal data in the RNC then have to be trained to fight fires and respirators used in environments of gas. Therefore, with respiratory diseases affecting their ability to work as a team.

I hope this helps in the search


Scouse said...

There is a television program on the recruits of the paratroopers and one of them turned out to be allergies, I really do not know who was there, was well advanced before the training. He was released because of illegal entry.

I think it was the only technical description had no other criminal charges. I believe illegal entry is innocent.

My father was an asthmatic and when the recruits a very low level of fitness (1940-43) was rejected

Sally said...

Shouln't think.

I know that the RAF and the army must say that they are 3 years free of medical intervention for the treatment of asthma. If you are prescribed inhalers, although not yet used to consult his classification as a doctor. It is used to accept because of the intense amount of training that happens, I mean where would you if your out there and fight an asthma attack and collapsed - are likely to die anyway.

AL G said...

Unfortunately, the answer is to correct the above, you must have been clear Athsma for a certain period, even though I can confirm that 4 years.

Even if you are a woman, even a rule in the Marines, because they are a first line unit

holiday said...

I know that the RAF can be an asthma attack within 3 years, have.

j2frw said...

No, you can not feel. I looked into the army. To join a service to the weapon must be declared free from asthma for 4 years

migdalsk... said...

I doubt it. If you use a respirator of any kind, which could lead to problems.

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