Messy Swimsuit Looking For Product That Will Prevent My Legs From Chaffing Between My Thighs?

Looking for product that will prevent my legs from chaffing between my thighs? - messy swimsuit

I'm going to Mexico in a few weeks and I'm going to spend a lot of time in bathing suits on. I am looking for a product to enter the inside of the thighs, not to upset the legs. The powder is messy and leaves a white residue. Suggestions?


Barbara said...

Monistat gel powder is great, but you can use a deodorant on his thighs, too. They are basically the same.

thatmadl... said...

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viikos said...

So, if you shave a bit of hair between your legs, do not go away, because the natural material.
Forget about things, because it is an expensive farce. Use unscented oil based or cream 3 times per day, and feel the difference.
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Enjoy the holidays!

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