Bio Lab #4 Does Anyone Know These Answers These For The AP Bio Lab #4?

Does anyone know these answers these for the AP Bio Lab #4? - bio lab #4

3. What is the source of electrons to reduce the DIPP to?

4. What is measured with a spectrophotometer in this experiment?

5. What is the shadow effect on the reduction of DiPP? Explaining.

6. What is the effect of boiling chloroplasts on the subsequent reduction of DiPP? Explaining.

7. What reasons can be given, the difference was in percentage of the live transmission from chloroplasts that were incubated in the light and those who remained in the dark?


the boy said...

This depends usually on your manual, but in general, from electrons to atoms of oxygen or hydrogen peroxide and a spectrophotometer measures the absorbance of the sample and the comparison with the absorption of a standard or that their concentration
whwn darker focuses more
It is the general idea

Jim said...

Martin? You really need to do their job. This was a laboratory experiment. If it is not to save some things. You have to ask a friend or teacher for help. Good luck.

Answers is to work in this way that a person receives 2 points for an answer and ten points or more, choose the answer. You have asked 5 questions. A person is not easy to answer 5 questions for 12 points.

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