Motorcycle Tire Repair Kits Can I Install A Racing Tire On A Touring Motorcycle?

Can I install a racing tire on a touring motorcycle? - motorcycle tire repair kits

There are also disadvantages and risks for the installation of a motorcycle racing tire on a bike ride?


JustAnot... said...

Depends what you mean by a motorcycle passenger. I suspect that something like an ST1300 or similar means.

If yes, then you can safely install a tire on his performance, unless the results of the tires on the rims.

They are better traction, because the rubber is soft, but also wear out faster. The tire performance is an oval shape, which means that the bike through the corners a lot faster than a skinny tires look like this, where you drop the bike into a curve.

Tires are typically consists of rubber, dual compound, which means that due to the center of the tire usually in conjunction with the Road Traffic (Driving on the road), the center of the tire of a harder rubber than the edge of the rim. This offers the best of both worlds, so a corner if you are) in the soft rubber (better traction, and when on the road, you're in the hardness of the tires that will last longer.

If your style is to exceed your limits, do not receive performance and tiresSportbike me a right (with the tires of the adjustment). Otherwise, the wisest thing to do and what is fitting in general is a good sport / touring tires.

Sport / Car tires are not hanging either. They are a very good product, so I really do not high performance tires.

Well, if you hear a cruiser bike, then you will certainly not recommended, as it scraped the sides of the entire path. :)

Bon voyage!

bluff mike said...

would take place immediately, if not blow by the weight of the bike.

bluff mike said...

would take place immediately, if not blow by the weight of the bike.

tomcotex... said...

Race compound tires are very soft, very rapid wear. If you are not good tires, a very poor surface contact, such as race tires are usually wider tires, and one side of the road is too long when they come into contact with street, not both, are a bit like the rubber on the road like a tire on the right hand side. So - dear. Manufacturer's recommended tire size wheel in one brand, Dunlop, Michelin, Avon, Metzler, not so cheap to show you give us the best, and a much better tire than a "career". If you have any racetrack, about what makes an unsuitable road racing tire that is not most important in the track, the wheels have enough time, the wear factor is not important, the traction is important to strengthen significantly. And the width of the wheels, the tires for you is appropriate.

Go Fast, fitted on the Smart Go.


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oklatom said...

And you? Sure you can. Should you? Probably not. Down side? What is driving on ice when the road was less humid?

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