Boxer Rescue Ohio I Have A Boxer That I Need To Relocate Are There Any Rescues In Ohio? PLEASE HELP ME!?

I have a Boxer that I need to relocate are there any rescues in ohio? PLEASE HELP ME!? - boxer rescue ohio

I have a boxer from the Humane Society of Delaware County, Ohio. She has extreme behavior problems, and massive separation anxiety. I do not wat to withdraw, because it is a good dog, just so I can manage more. DOGS Please help me save this life.


the_char... said...

Try to spend more time with him and training and has finally listening and getting used to spend u leave when the dog alone, make sure that toys and water, so keep it, u did not say how old he was?
give much love and attention, or try to run the company and their advice can a few tips for u, hope it helps somehow
Good luck and good luck

Sky's Mom said...

Yes, a boxer rescue in Ohio. Make sure to talk honestly about their behavior after them. Otherwise, you could go to another house that is not treated and he can not be so careful to try to, you can find a good home.

I do not regret this kind of work for you. The Boxers dogs are extremely high energy and need lots of training. Perhaps you have another dog later decides, could be considered, a race quieter?

Julie D. said...

Google only boxer rescues in Ohio. Some of them, then perhaps be in a position that is closest to you who can make a room have to encourage your dog.

RACQUEL said...

find a new home. the only way that will not be saved, is if you do your job to find a new home.

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