Seasonale Spotting Seasonale Question About Spotting?

Seasonale Question about Spotting? - seasonale spotting

I started) just seasonale (4 a pill within a year and I know he is known for spotting between periods. I was wondering if it would be different because I'm on the pill.

Furthermore, we argue so hard, spotting, or only slight bleeding may have for sex.
I do not want my period or permanently, at the head for three months because it would take the pill at first, because I am undocumented.


ChickRN 4 Choice said...

Yes, it is likely, despite his pills.
Your uterus is developing a coating that must be paid. Enjoys throwing once a month. Instead, you start trying all three months. Your uterus is likely to protest to recognize when you least expect it.
For some women this season, worked well, others not to try it and see how he reacts.

blondie_... said...

This is normal. In general, the place is light. With homonal pills is quite normal to have a few spots.

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