Windvd 5.0 Fsc Serial Sony Vaio Fz35 Drivers And Sony Application Softwares?

Sony vaio fz35 drivers and sony application softwares? - windvd 5.0 fsc serial

I am an Indian, I am) in China (engineer's degree. I bought a VAIO china.model fz35 (Intel Centrino 1.8 GHz (Vista Home Premium), 1 GB RAM, ATI 8400 (256GRAM). When I bought the laptop, the size of the system of "Running Your chinese . so I drive and reinstall the operating system (Vista Home Premium English). I do not understand the control
CD. I for the drivers and applications for the Sony Vaio fz35.
Sony Applications --
Click here for 2.6 DVD, Image Converter 3, SonicStage Mastering Studio 2.4,
SonicStage Mastering Studio Audio Filter 2.3, VAIO Camera Capture Utility 2.5,
VAIO Control Center 2.1, VAIO Edit Components 6.3, VAIO Media 6.1,
VAIO Movie Story 1.0, VAIO Content Importer / Exporter 1.2, VAIO Music Box 1.0
DSD Direct Player 1.0, VAIO Launcher 1.0, VAIO Recovery Center 1.1,
VAIO Update 3.0, VAIO Data Restore Tool 1.0
Other Applications --
Windows Photo Gallery, Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 (Installer)
Roxio Easy Media Creator 9.0, Adobe Reader 8.1, WinDVD for VAIO 8.0,
Norton InternetSecurity 2007, Picasa, Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 (Installer),
60 days trial version of Microsoft Office Professional 2007
Setting Utility Series 3.0, ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects 1.0 (Installer)
DSD Direct Player 1.0, Infineon TPM Professional Package 3.0 (Installer), Protector Duit QL 5.6


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The website applications Sony ...
Every attempt is not worth the effort. The rest is free, so Google for them.

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