Diaper Fur Need Information About 1980's Stuffed Plush Toy, With Binkie, Blankie, And Built In Diaper.?

Need information about 1980's stuffed plush toy, with binkie, blankie, and built in diaper.? - diaper fur

I have a cat, stuffed animals, is about 18 inches tall and is in ruins. It was purchased "Toys Are Us" in 1986. I have a character for holidays. On the one hand have a pacifier and a blanket, small town, which corresponds to the material in the layer. They drank the cheeks and rolls. He has a soft, white fur on the feet and legs. They are in different colors of wool, and materials.

I am looking for information on what the company does and buy a place. I think that other types of animals that have other than rabbits and cats, maybe a dog or a bear.

My cat was with me 24 / 7 for the first 11 years of his life, and I like a man in a better position to admire.

I have had no luck on eBay or Google search on a combination of the words: "a stuffed toy, stuffed animals, 1980, blankets, diapers and pacifiers.


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