Cctv Dvr Recorder Will A Power Supply With Low Amperage Connected To A Device That Requires High Amperage Destroy It?

Will a power supply with low Amperage connected to a device that requires high amperage destroy it? - cctv dvr recorder

I have a DVR recorder for CCTV cameras. Rover is a registered trademark Systems (4CH small) and use the SATA hard drive.

The DVR is rated 12V DC 3.5A. While the connection Inadvertently, I have a 12V DC power supply 1.5 A for about 30 seconds. The DVR seems to work well.

For your information, poor diet was lower compared to the power of the DVR, which is larger and the cables are thicker.

"With this power supply at low current bad for 30 seconds, possibly destroying some of the components of the DVR?


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