Connect External Hd To Tv External HDD That Will Play DivX Etc Through My HD TV?

External HDD that will play DivX etc through my HD TV? - connect external hd to tv

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an external hard drive that my HDTV and play to each other. AVI, etc. have seen a few, but do not know what is best.

Thank you,


Mr Mike Tech Dude said...

the reader that I use is the MediaGate MG-450HD large rooms, all my movies with ease and has a great performance ... Another big advantage of this device is that it is wireless connectivity that makes it even easier to put movies on the MediaGate!

I think it is a great buy and definitely worth the money ...

Find more information!

MediaGate MG-450HD is an essential part of digital life. With its multi-functionality is the Wi-Fi Multimedia Hard Drive is a central point for the digital home or office.

Get crystal clear HD resolution on your TV with HDMI. Complete Digital 5.1 audio experience on your audio system with SPDIF digital audio output. Use the Wi-Fi network to access and transmit data to the MG-450HD using the FTP Server / Client protocol from home or office.

Now digitally store your DVD movies, music or photos and enjoy playing in the comfort of your home listening room with the latest multimedia CDs or digital music ... THE MediaGate MG-450HD!

*HDMI (High Definition Multimedia)
* SATA Hard Drive Supported
* Internet Radio
* FTP server and client
* Full HD 1920x1080p
* IEEE 802.11g (54 Mbps) 802.11g (11 Mbps) wireless
* Standard / 10/100 LAN cable
* Firmware upgrade
* 3.5 "HDD (not included)
* Wireless security - WPA / WEP
* Wireless Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc
* External USB 2.0 storage via USB device connected to a computer
* On an external USB storage or an optical drive, read through various USB host port for external USB device
Manager * DVD - DVD the same folder as the original DVD
* Video output - HDMI, Component, S-Video and composite
* Audio output - stereo, digital coaxial and optical 5.1-channel. Sound
* DTS mix in stereo

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